Saturday, February 5, 2011

Finished Object Friday -- Week Two

Um, yes, I realize it's Saturday, but I was successful again this past week, and, well, it would be pretty lame to just have a "week one" and then not continue.

So, with that little excuse introduction, what did I finish? My non-sewing UFO was not the one I had planned, but with the absolutely gorgeous weather we had last weekend, some much needed raking was accomplished. Those of you with a front and back yard may experience this phenomenon. The front yard gets precedence and always looks, if not great, at least acceptable to the watchful eyes of the neighbors, most of whom have yard services. The back yard is another story.
Last Saturday, when Thomas, Laura and puppies were visiting, Thomas raked up a huge pile of these very leaves for the dogs to play in. Well, dogs, unlike children, don't really get the excitement of jumping in a huge pile, but, the job was already started. Sunday, Thomas and I finished it, resulting in this:
OK, not really an exciting picture, but there were 10 bags of leaves. So, moving quickly to my sewing UFO...

I decided to finish a project for Jenna Belle Designs that I had gotten this far back in December (maybe it was November):
Yes, these are simple zipper pouches. Seven of them. No more than an hour, or an hour and a half's worth of work. And now they are finished and listed in the shop!
I will say that I had wanted to do a few more projects, but had a back injury sorting laundry. Kind of pathetic really. Who knew you should warm up before doing something as simple as decided which pile to toss the socks in?! After a visit to the chiropractor on Friday, it seems I've pinched a nerve, and it turns out I have a pretty significant curvature in my lower spine. The spine will always stay curved, but she'll be able to adjust the twist out of it, and already my knee (that I've had problems with) feels better. Anyway, I hope to get back up to speed this week! Oh, yeah, the raking didn't help.


  1. Raking leaves sounds like a whole lot more fun, at the moment, than shoveling snow. Problem with snow is, that you can't ignore it, like leaves or weeds - if you want to get out of the house/garage you have to shovel. Luckily, that's not a daily occurrence, but... Glad that you're managing to continue the UFO clear-up!

  2. I hear working out prevents all these back issues, or so I was told after I required chiro work after we moved Laura to Lexington! Glad to hear they are giving you some relief though :)



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