Sunday, February 6, 2011


Back before I started reading sewing blogs, when I went shopping for RTW, the thought never crossed my mind to change something I didn't like on a particular garment. Oh, sure, I've hemmed more than a few pairs of pants, but that's because I'm short, not because I was changing the look. Now I look at things with a completely different eye.

Remember last spring, when Target had that Liberty of London tie in, and had some cute inexpensive things? I bought a couple of tops, and one of them was just not right for me, but it had a really easy fix. I was going to use this as a UFO, as this top has been crumpled in a pile in my studio since last March, but this refashioning idea is pretty fascinating to me. I've put aside a few things that normally would just go to the charity pile, but I think they can be reworked.

Back to the Liberty top.... loved the 3/4 sleeves, and the peasanty vibe. Hated the ruffle around the hips. It took, oh, about 10 minutes yesterday, but the ruffle is gone. What do you think?

Yeah, I took the before picture back in March.


  1. Well, that seems to have been easy enough. Have to admit - looks much better on you without the ruffle. Would have been a shame if that top just left the house.

  2. Good job! The length is perfect for you now. What will you make of the ruffle?

  3. You were right to remove the ruffle. The shirt looks very nice on you now and you have taken something that was not in use, and brought it into active wear. Give yourself a little pat on the back! :)



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