Monday, February 28, 2011

The Knit Ball

The what? Well, you know, I've taken up knitting and one of the benefits is that I find it very therapeutic and relaxing. But, I've finished the puppy sweaters, and needed a new project. A quick one, that took little brain power, and one that I could use just any old yarn. I used the inexpensive green from the puppy sweater, pulled out the dpn's (double pointed needles), the Itty-Bitty Toys book and THIS was created:

And what, you ask, does one do with a knit ball? Well, THIS of course:


  1. Teehee! Looks like the new toy is a big hit! Your clip is crystal clear and sharp --- did you take it with the little video camera you brought to the sweet's meet?

  2. So cute! My dog would destroy that in a sec but I'm impressed with how rough your dog is able to play with it.

  3. so great to have a dog that can entertain himself!!! Looks like the ball is a great hit - make them in every color :)

  4. Looks like he really loves that ball! Cute!



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