Saturday, April 2, 2011

Butterick 5328 -- Top #1 -- Done!

One down! How many more to go? But can someone please tell me, why, oh why, am I always drawn to the wrap top patterns? They always seem to end up too revealing, and this one is no exception. I did some tissue fitting, and then did a pin fitting, and all looked like it was going to work. Yeah, yeah, I know a muslin is always a solution, but time is of the essence here!

Anyway, it does still work with a tank underneath.
I do look so flat in this picture. I feel like it looks better in person. This is one of the patterns that I won with Faye's giveaway. I actually had to make a lot of changes to the pattern, so the fact that it fits this well is pretty amazing. The smallest size in the envelope is a 16. That works for the hips, but my shoulders are a 12, so I had to do the opposite of what I usually do.

The technique I used to sort of grade down to a 12 was kind of a guesstimating affair. Using the grading lines for the larger sizes as a guide, I drew inside the size 16 line to make a new size 12. That's really just clear as mud, and I didn't take any pictures. So, say there was 1/2" from the 16 to the 20, I drew 1/2" inside the 16 line to make a size 12. And then followed my new line back out to the 16 through the waistline to the hem.

Those roses look kind of weird from the back. I originally bought this fabric to make a dress, but I think it's plenty of print in just a top. It'll really look good with some white pants or a white skirt.


  1. Eeep Elle, that would be a pretty racy neckline sans tank :D! I really like the pattern, and like you, I find myself drawn to wrap patterns. Very summery and you're right, it'll be very sharp with a white skirt or pants. Well done sweetie :D!

  2. That's a vibrant, beautiful color! It looks terrific on you. Oh, with white pants for summer--stunning!

  3. Very pretty, I love that brilliant, beautiful blue. It looks like you did a great job in grading down the shoulders to get the fit right.



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