Thursday, April 28, 2011

Crescent Skirt -- Finished

Well, I realize I'm supposed to be "sewing along", but I'm kind of in a rush, so I just forged ahead. I'll be making more crescent skirts, because I really like this pattern, and the sew along might just catch up with me. Hmmm, that sounds a little braggy, but I have been sewing for awhile. And, even more importantly, I'm going out of town next Friday for 9 days, and that means no sewing. Well, maybe no sewing.

OK, crescent skirt. I made one major-ish change after the muslin, and two small-ish. The small-ish changes were going down one size (that always makes a girl happy, right?), and using view B instead of view C. The major-ish change was to make the center front and back "points" on the yoke less pronounced. Like so:
Not sure how much you can tell from that picture, but I shortened the fronts and backs 1/2", and curved out that bottom seam line, and then added the 1/2" to the center front and back skirt pieces. Worked like a charm. It's not all that noticeable in the finished skirt. Actually, most of the details aren't noticeable because the print is too busy. The fabric is a rayon shirting from

Straight up, I've stolen Patty's signature superhero pose because, frankly, I think it's awesome, it makes my arms look great, and gives me more waist definition to an otherwise kind of rectangular figure. The pattern is extremely well drafted, and the instructions great until... well... the zipper insertion is kind of confusing. In theory, I got it. In practice, it didn't seem that hard. But, it just didn't come out how I wanted it to. In the end, I "made it work" because I didn't want to start over (read, I wanted to finish it today, and I had a headache). I'll definitely be at least following along when Tasia gets to the zipper during the sew along. Or, I'll just put it in my own way.
It really is centered, but I apparently have issues when getting dressed. I don't think the zipper is actually supposed to show, but this one does, and I'm really glad it's only a 7" zipper (oops another change, but I have a ton of 7" zippers).

A skirt confession: last year, I hated every skirt I made, and I had an irrational fear of them being too tight. Consequently, none of them really fit right. This one though, fits greats and has pockets! Great pockets!
Don't I look happy (headache and all)?

What do you think of the shoes? Unless you like them, I don't really want to know, but I bought them in the mid-90s in Spain, and I'm thinking they still work today. The heel is a little chunky, but it works for me. And they're patent leather. And comfy to boot.


  1. Really cute, perfect for Summer but I did laugh at the "I don't think the zipper is supposed to show" comment (neither do I haha).

  2. It looks fantastic! I really love seeing it made up in a print!!

  3. I like the shoes with it! You look so darling and breezy! Is your one hip much higher than the other? In the back view it appears to be, but you might be on uneven ground? If it is; you've done a beautiful job compensating in the bottom hemline!

  4. yay! love it! I really can't wait to see tasia's zipper instructions!

    it's nice to see the superman pose!



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