Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Seeing Red -- More Tops Finished

Nope, I'm not mad, you'll see the red soon enough. Oh, what the heck... here's the first red:
This is New Look 6981, made from an organic cotton jersey knit from fabric.com. It had one "I hate it" review on Pattern Review, so I was a little worried, but I don't. Hate it, that is. In fact, in one afternoon, I actually made 2.

Why? Well, I bought 2 yards of this knit really on spec. I got these 2 tops perfectly out of the fabric, so the 2nd will go to daughter, Laura. Hope she wants a red cowl neck tee.

Some details. Both of us have really narrow shoulders, so I started with the 10 (Laura, pay no attention to these numbers) at the shoulders and necklines, front and back. As I traced down the armhole, I merged out to the 14, and then went straight 14 down the sides for Laura, and graded out to the 18 for me. The fabric is soft and kind of clingy, but I may just take in the bottom part of the sides on me, as it stands out just a bit. Holding it up for the picture, I may have to take the entire sides in for Laura. Her measurements matched the 14 perfectly though. To keep them apart as I sewed (and I made them simultaneously), when I was doing the back neckline facing, I inserted different color ribbon "tags." Laura got the black gingham one.

My right hip is a bit higher, so I think that explains the uneven looking hem. You can see better from the back how it flares out just a bit more than I would like at the hem.

But wait! There's a 3rd red top. This one is actually a RTW top from Ann Taylor that I bought last year on sale. I'm counting it as a half for the challenge though because it was too long, and I just never wanted to wear it. Since I had the coverstitch machine threaded with red, though there were no excuses. I chopped off 3 inches and rehemmed the darn thing. It's a little snug, but I'm back on Weight Watchers, so, fingers crossed, it will look better by summer.
I had kind of forgotten about it when I ordered the red jersey. Oh well. Boy, do I need a haircut.


  1. Love your beautiful bright red top - a lovely pop of colour for summer! The drape front is really nice and very flattering. Lucky Laura, I'm sure she's going to love her version. You have reminded me that now I have a coverstitch machine I really must get around to shortening some RTW tops that I have.

  2. hey stop picking on yourself! I see a foxy lady here in a beautiful handmade blouse! none of this weight watchers and haircut stuff!!! And man you look great in red!

  3. Your shirts look great. The red is so pretty and the cowl drapes nicely.

  4. Beautiful lady! Love that skirt!



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