Monday, December 5, 2011

Bought Some Fabric

I was really hoping to reveal Vogue 1246 today, but alas, the buttons I ordered last week have not arrived. Keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow. That should also give me time to figure out how to make a 2" buttonhole. Confession... I've always had some kind of buttonhole attachment thingy. But how hard can it be? 2 rows of narrow satin stitch zig zagging with some bar tacks on each end.

So, no finished top to show you. How about the fabric I bought at an estate sale last Friday?
The red is a lightweight cotton-ish fabric, about a yard or so, maybe a little more. The plaid, just about a yard, but it's wide. I'm thinking pencil skirt for me or Laura. Gray #1 is lots of tricot that will be good for linings or a slip or nightgown or 2. There's is a lot of the gray wool on the bottom, too. Destined to be a circle skirt or a cape. Grand total... $3 for all 4.

Then I had a Groupon burning a hole in my purse (well, it expired at the end of December) for Intown Quilters. $20 for $40 worth of merchandise. So I got all these:
Um, yes. I had to pull out the credit card anyway. So, starting with the green in the upper left corner... that's a cotton/silk blend, Michael Miller I think. Next an Anna Maria Horner voile, then a Michael Miller knit. The bottom row is the Colette beignet (am I the only one who hasn't made it), a Liberty style lawn, and a fine wale cord which I'm going to use for the beignet.

Definitely some fun fabrics added to my stash!


  1. I have admired the countless Beignets on the interwebs but I have not yet made one or even bought the pattern, so you are not the last!

  2. What a wonderful haul of fabrics!
    Instead of a 2 inch buttonhole, have you considered just sewing on the button as decoration with a large snap underneath it? Much less nerve-wracking than cutting that large hole in the fabric.



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