Monday, December 12, 2011

Hot, Red Silk

Now there's a title! I've been working on something that's, well, germy, all weekend. Going through the symptoms of a cold as it progresses from slightly scratchy throat to today's fun of totally stuffed up head, blocking all sense of hearing, smell and taste alternating with the non-stop faucet of a toddler's runny nose.

That's a pretty picture, no?

Here's my catch up from the weekend, Debbie Cook style (apologies, Debbie, but my brain has been stuffed with cotton and bullet points are really the best I can do, plus I kinda love this kind of wrap up, and I feel compelled to copy):

  1. I finished my denim clovers Friday.
  2. Picture tomorrow.
  3. They zip in the front instead of the side.
  4. Inspired by sallieoh.
  5. Mine won't really look like hers do though.
  6. I can't really keep up with 2 sewing blogs.
  7. SewVintageToday will be moving back on over here.
  8. Wordpress is harder to figure out than blogger.
  9. Sewing is sewing whether I'm using a new pattern or a vintage one.
  10. And even if I'm trying to sell the vintage patterns.
  11. Shameless reminder, vintage patterns for sale here.
  12. I'm not sewing any Christmas gifts.
  13. I've hardly even bought any and Christmas is less than 2 weeks away.
  14. I am knitting one Christmas gift.
  15. I should be knitting right now.
  16. I cut out a cotton/silk/poplin blend Hapi Coat today.
  17. What the heck is a Hapi coat?

And it's even going to be red.

And a silk (a blend, but still). The jury is out on the hot.


  1. Hope you're feeling lots better soon! Intrigued by your Hapi coat!

  2. The hapi coat sounds interesting. I didn't know about your other blog! I do hope you feel better soon.

  3. Feel better soon. Drink hot tea with lemon, lots of rest, and don't overdo. My Clovers are waiting for my SM to come back from the dr.



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