Friday, December 30, 2011

Laura Learns to Sew

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season! I've spent the last few days enjoying the company of my daughter, Laura and her husband, Thomas, and their 2 puppies. Chaos! But fun chaos. They left this morning, and my 2 dogs have done nothing but sleep, sleep, sleep all day!

For Christmas, I had purchased Laura a new Babylock sewing machine, so it was time for some sewing lessons! As much as I sew now, I did most of my sewing for kids when they were younger than 6, and then just sewed sporadically, so she wasn't actually exposed to it that much.

Fast forward to this year though, and she had mentioned a few times that "if she had a sewing machine, she could make XXX ". That was enough encouragement for me.

In addition to the machine, I also purchased the Colette Sewing Handbook, which she promptly read cover to cover. She's also an avid blog reader, so she's been reading the sewing blogs too.

And the first thing she made? A pair of clover pants! Really, we're calling these a wearable muslin, but they do fit pretty well. I'll adjust her pattern pieces just a bit, and she says maybe in a year she'll attempt another pair! For her next project, she says perhaps a skirt. The hardest things for her seemed to be keeping her stitching an even 5/8" away from the edge, going around curves, and "seeing" how it was all going to work out in the end. Things seasoned sewists (like myself) take for granted, but it really is just a matter of practice and experience.

Enough about all that though... you just want to see the finished product, right? Right! And I am so proud... they look great!

A fantastic fit in the back! (She is wearing my shoes which are a couple sizes too small... all in the interest of a cute look).

Before you know it, maybe she'll have her own sewing blog.

A final look, with Ella (Sam is the black one... say their names together... yep, you got it right):


  1. Bravo Laura! What an amazing first project. You're right - it's just practice that keeps the stitching where it should be. Now that Laura has her own machine, she can stitch up anything she wants!

  2. So AWESOME that she will be able to be CREATIVE also :)

  3. Oh, fun! Please share with Laura that she looks great in her Clovers, and I am on muslin #3 for mine. I am looking forward to hearing more about her projects. Finally, Sam is cute.

  4. Wow! What a great start! The pants fit well and look cute. A skirt should be easy for her in comparison.



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