Thursday, May 9, 2013

What Shoes to Wear?

Yesterday, I officially finished the "Dress For Laura's Graduation" (DFLG) and I'm starting to think about what to pack. Carry-on would be great, so I don't think I can take all 4 pairs that go with it. But this is a great problem to have. In fact, I have a 5th pair that would work too! You'll see why when you see the fabric for the dress. It's just a peek at the hem.

The Flat Sandals:
Land's End. Similar.

These will be packed no matter what. They take up minimal space, and are remarkably comfortable. If we have to do a lot of walking for the ceremony, comfort may win over looks.

The Naya Pump:

The Naya brand is billed as a comfort shoe, good for the environment. Truthfully, these are a little tight across the top of my foot, but could work.

The Wedding Shoes:
From Talbots, 2010

The last time I wore these shoes was on June 5, 2010, the day that Laura got married! Wow! Time to wear them again. These might be my top pick just for sentimental reasons.

The Talbots Outlet Bargain Sandal:

Follow the Talbots link in the wedding section for the current crop of gorgeous shoes. We're lucky enough to have a Talbots Clearance Outlet in Duluth, not too far away from me, so I got these on a deep discount, just because. But I haven't had an opportunity to wear them. Could this be it?

Do you like the fabric? Bold! Do you like the shoes? Which ones?


  1. My vote is for the wedding shoes, but I would love the 4th pair with a slinky 1940s style dress.

  2. I like the Naya shoes- I think the boldness is balanced by them, but comfort trumps all! If they are tight, I'd go for the flats!

  3. I like the fourth pair - a bold shoe for the bold fabric! 2nd choice is the wedding shoes.

  4. without seeing the whole outfit my vote is the wedding shoe, then the 4th pair. It depends if the shoes balance with the rest of the outfit, ie too heavy or too light.

  5. My vote is for the wedding shoe, but the bottom line is always comfort. Only your feet can decide that one for you.

  6. Talbots- the shape fits to my eye. Lovely fabric...

  7. Without seeing the whole dress, I like the fourth shoe but the wedding shoe comes a close second.



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