Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wearin' O' the Black, Me Made Edition

Well, Me Made Mayers... if I'm doing the Mini-Me-Made-May thing for 11 days, that means for the other 20 days of May, I'll be wearing black. I have made 6 black items that are in rotation, but that's not nearly enough. And trust me, while it seems like it would be easy enough to get dressed for work wearing all black, I look at the same old stuff, and say... Not that black sweater again!

I really do have a lot to say about wearing black, day in and day out, but I'll save that for another post.

This picture was not taken today, but here I am, actually at work, in my Pavlova skirt:

Now for the rest...

The skirts

Blogged about here and here.

The shirts:

Renfrew (left) blogged about here.
McCall's 5522 (OOP) not blogged about yet, but previously made here. This version has no ruffle, and sleeves modified from the Colette Jasmine pattern (sans cuff). I'll be wearing this a lot!

The dresses:

Not originally made to work in, these have actually made an appearance at work, both worn with a black cardigan. The last year's Mad Men Challenge LBD on the left was blogged about here, and the semi-formal, taffeta (yes, taffeta) cocktail dress was blogged about here.

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  1. Cute black wardrobe-you must work in high end sales.



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