Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Alma Blouse Reveal

And the Theme(Last)Friday in the flickr group. Last week, the mini theme for the Me Made May flickr group was to show off your hometown, and I was stuck working, but today presented the perfect opportunity.

I was stuck working last Friday, but I was off today, and spent part of it visiting the Atlanta Botanical Gardens with a friend. The current temporary exhibit is "Imaginary Worlds". And in keeping with my apparent usual "dog theme"...

I'm wearing my Sewaholic Alma blouse which I haven't formally blogged about, but here ya go. It's a great pattern, and I made the size 10 grading out to the 12, starting at about what would be an empire waistline... down to the hem. It's a great pattern, and a very quick sew. Admittedly, the instructions are a bit confusing regarding the zipper insertion, but I just did my own thing. I've worn the skirt a lot... most recently back on May 8. Always great to have a denim skirt in the wardrobe!

And my "hometown"... technically, my hometown is Dallas, Texas. [side note: Georgia has it's very own Dallas, not too far from Atlanta. Sad, but I usually have to add the "Texas" when explaining where I'm originally from when talking to folks here]. I've lived in Atlanta, Georgia since 2005. From the Botanical Garden, which is in Midtown, you can see a great view of the Atlanta skyline just beyond the trees.


  1. Super cute Alma! Very flattering as well, Elle :D

  2. I like your new blouse. I am not familiar with the pattern but it really works.



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