Friday, May 10, 2013

Miscellaneous Me Mades

One of the purposes of Me Made May is to truly incorporate garments you make into your everyday wardrobe. Of course, the longer you sew, the easier that is simply with more options. Me Made May can help you see where the "holes" in your wardrobe are though. You know, you'll discover that you have lots of knit tops or orphan skirts, and then you can make plans to fill the holes.

Even though I pledged to participate for the 11 days in May that I am not working, the truth is that I wear something that I've made almost every day.

I have several things I made to sleep in, but lately, my sleepwear of choice is this:

It's been rainy days in Georgia recently, and I've made 2 raincoats. This one, Minoru, is currently hanging out in the front seat of my car.

When I get home from work, I like to get comfy (who doesn't, right?), and I'll often reach for this yoga skirt:

Point is, if you regularly sew, before you know it, you'll find that you're reaching for Me Mades before the RTW on a daily basis.


  1. absolutely true Ellen, I wear me-mades every day. I still have some items I have made which don't get into the regular rotation because they are not my style, or don't play well with my other stuff.

    Love your Minoru!!

  2. You are so right! After decades of sewing, most of what's in my closet is made by me. It just works that way. Sewing is a time-saver, too. A few hours spent sewing will result in something to wear. A few hours spent shopping does not guarantee finding anything worth bringing home.



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