Saturday, January 16, 2010

First Skirt is Finished

The skirt that is my first garment for myself other than a Halloween costume, is finished. Some observations:

If it's Saturday, and you don't put any product in your straight, fine hair, and hold the bangs back with a bobby pin because they're bothering you, your hair will look like this.

If you've worn socks all day, and then take them off for your fashion photo shoot, you will have sock lines around your ankles.

If you try on your skirt over jeans while you're making it, and it fits, when you take off the jeans when it's finished, it will be too big. And, this time, you won't really care. It will just sit a little lower on your hips and be kind of comfy in that, my skirt can spin all the way around my body easily, kind of way.

If you aren't careful when cutting the skirt out, and your scissors are kind of dull anyway, some things will end up a little weird. Like the yoke that turned out to be a little wider in the center.

If you've never put in an invisible zipper in, you might not leave enough room at the top for a hook and eye, and then the invisible zipper will be not quite invisible.

I don't love this skirt, but I do like it, and I'll wear it. Especially since I just got this sweater on sale at Talbots, and it looks so good with it.

For the record, it's Simplicity 2564. The fabric has a herringbone weave, and is some kind of moderately stretchy polyester thing that I purchased at the warehouse sale a couple of years ago. The kind of fabric sale, where you stuff everything you want in a bag, and you pay by the pound. Not quite sure of its washability, but does it matter? Oh, and I lined it.

And for you fashionistas that care about this sort of thing, the shoes are Tahari.


  1. Elle, the skirt is wonderful! If I actually sewed anything that came out that good, you better believe I would wear it, visible zip, funky yoke and slightly big and all. The whole ensemble is very classy, much like yourself. And you made me laugh out loud which is probably my favorite qualities in a blog. :D



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