Friday, January 8, 2010

For Your Sewing Machine...

Recently, I've been making several items for Jenna Belle Designs from some handwoven scraps that I purchased at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. And you all saw the Pony Pouch, made from the softest of minkee fabric. How are these two things related? Fuzz. And fuzz is so bad for your sewing machine.

To combat the fuzz, that little plastic brush thingy that comes with your machine just doesn't cut it. You could try that canned air stuff, but I like this so much better:

It attaches to your regular vacuum cleaner, and works like a charm.

Ta Da! No more fuzz. My machine is now completely cleaned and oiled. By the way, after oiling, sew with a paper towel and no thread to catch any extra oil.

And don't laugh, but Atlanta got snow! The city shut down today... no school, people working from home (if at all). It IS really, really cold. Take a look at all the snow:

This is not from shoveling. Apparently our driveway is incapable of completely getting covered in snow.

The backyard looks a little more even.


  1. Such pretty snow pictures! I"m still trying to take some, but I get shivery when I go outside, and end up with blurs. :D

  2. Thnks for following my blog. I might have to get one of those attachments



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