Friday, January 29, 2010

Really? You sew?

I'm confessing right up front to another non-sewing post. Well, it's kind of related to sewing, but not. It's about the dreaded mother of the bride dress. I bought one last week at Saks. On sale. If I hadn't bought it, and decided that I had to have it, well, it would have been gone, snapped up by some other bargain hunter.

But I didn't love it. Didn't even take it out of the bag to try on for the father of the bride.

This week was a special trip with my mom and sister to celebrate two of us now having ages ending in a zero. And what do 3 women of a certain age, who need dresses for a very special wedding do? We went shopping. I've tried on more dresses in the last 7 days than I think I did in all of last year. And I bought 2 more. Dress #2 is decidedly not a MOB dress, but rather a sale too good to pass up and it fit great. Just needs a little bling to make it less plain, so I'll conjure up some crafty skill and tackle that later.

Dress #3 is the 2nd MOB dress, and will become #1. I love it way more than the first (which wasn't really "party" enough) especially when mom and sis saw the first one and said, "oooh, take it back!"

It's a little tight, but there's plenty of time. I could zip it, but breathing was a tad difficult. And it's way too long, even with heels. What do you think?


Oh, and it was a GREAT deal!


  1. Holy cow, what a perfect color for you! And the cut is so elegant! you will be the most gorgeous MOB in history!

  2. You look beautiful. I have to say that dress is way hotter then the MOB dresses around when I got married in 93...imagine pastel boxy suits or long sleeved chiffony dresses. I'm clearly behind the times.



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