Sunday, January 3, 2010

I HAD to Have It!

Has that happened to you? You see something so cute, adorable, beautiful, or wonderful that it just has to go home with you? When my mom and I were in Houston last October, attending the International Quilt Festival, wandering up and down the rows and rows of vendors with fabulous stuff, I saw it. The Pony Pouch. So cute, soft and cuddly, and SO impractical! Really! I don't have anyone to make this cute little thing for, and I'm way to old, really!

What is a pony pouch you ask? Here you go:

You can order the pattern from Black Cat Creations, but at the quilt show, one of the vendors was selling it as a kit. You chose the fabric for the body, and then you chose your accent color. Now I didn't buy this on first sight, but I just couldn't get it out of my mind, and after lunch went back, and made my selections.

I tried to convince College Boy that his girlfriend, an equestrienne, would just LOVE it. He didn't go for it. I tried to convince Wedding Daughter that she needed it. It was a no go there, too. Never mind. This weekend, with all the other things I could have been making, I made... the pony pouch.

It's pretty simple to cut out and make, until the next to last step. That's when you attach the end pieces of the bag portion to that big body portion. Keep in mind that you have the head, tail and legs all basted on, and they are stuffed. You start with the end that has the head, probably because it's the bulkiest and therefore, hardest, and you can get all your cursing out of the way. It makes putting on the tail end seem oh, so easy (kind of). I would certainly be embarrassed if anyone who sews turned my bag inside out, because it looks a bit like squirrels chewed around the edges of the seams. But, it's done! Have a look:


I have to admit that mine looks less like a pony, and more like a bloated cow, but it is so soft, and some lucky, as yet unconceived, grandchild will love visiting Grammy and putting their jammies in the pony pouch. In the meantime, I might just have to put my own jammies in it, you know, to drive my husband crazy!



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