Sunday, January 24, 2010

National Pie Day

Who knew? Actually it was yesterday, but I'm just getting around to blabbing about it. So far, my resolution of losing weight is a losing battle, so I let the family know about this amazing celebration. The request was for apple or coconut cream. Neither of those are my favorites, though there are very few sweets that I'll completely pass up without a good reason, but I just didn't feel like peeling apples.

That left the coconut cream pie, a kind of pie that I've had mixed results with in baking. Using my mother-in-law's recipe and Betty Crocker for comparison, this time it got rave reviews! Laura made the meringue. Or maybe I should say that she stood there whirring away with the electric whisk attachment that came with the stick blender she gave me for my birthday.

And today... it's all gone. I hope that you all had a wonderful pie day!


  1. Home made pie, AND wedding cake tasting but none of it made it back to Lexington! It was a sad homecoming... haha



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