Monday, January 4, 2010

Grown Up Pursuits

After yesterday's post you may think I'm just a little nuts. Well, I just might be, but I really do like to sew for grown ups, too! So, in December I stumbled on a couple of wonderful sewing blogs, that had lists of more wonderful sewing blogs, and ... well, you get the picture. That led to a "slap the forehead" moment for me. I mean, I sew, and make lots of stuff for my Etsy shop, but why don't I sew for myself.

Oops, this is sounding like my welcome post, but here's the point I'm getting to now. Have you ever shopped for a Mother of the Bride dress? It's not pretty out there, and since I'm an up and coming MOB (what they call the mother of the bride on the zillions of wedding blogs my To Be Wed in June daughter reads) I started looking around. And the thought came to me, that while I was offering to make bridesmaids dresses (won't have to do that one, whew!), and the flower girl dress (I've bought the fabric and the pattern), I totally forgot (forgot?) that I could make myself a dress.

Keep reading... it gets better... pictures of vintage patterns coming up!

So, back to all those wonderful sewing blogs. Several of them are seriously interested in sewing vintage patterns, and two of them (Gertie and Sewing Fanatic) mentioned a sale going on at Blue Gardenia. Well, that was all the arm twisting I needed, and since her sale ends January 7, I wanted to give Denise a little shout out, too. Go look, her inventory is amazing, and if you buy 3 or more, it's 33% off, and she has free domestic shipping! It was so hard to choose!

But choose I did, and there are 2 MOB contenders, and one just for everyday. I'll start with the everyday dress:

I could probably count on one hand how many knit garments of any kind that I've made. This dress looks like a great chance to try out sewing a nice double knit, or wool jersey. Now the 2 MOB contenders:

I love the clean straight lines of blondie's dress, but no way my waist will ever look that tiny. I'm not too sure about the tulle overskirt though. It may be just too too much (sorry).

I LOVE the neckline on this one (and yes, I noticed that it's very similar to the neckline on the other one), and I think the A-line skirt could be very flattering. For a June wedding in Atlanta, it will have to be the short sleeve version B, and I may have to forgo the gloves. For both of these, I'll definitely make a muslin.

Did I mention the free shipping from Denise? And how I ordered my patterns on New Year's Eve and they arrived TODAY! I'm so excited about the first patterns in my new Vintage Pattern Collection.


  1. I'd especially love to see the VSD when it's sewn. That neckline is so special. And thank you for the mention.

  2. am i crazy or does version A of the second potential MOB dress look like the top of YOUR wedding dress?



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