Sunday, January 17, 2010

Product Review -- DIY Fabric Labels

Every now and then, I will want to share with you products that I've recently purchased (most often from Etsy, but there may be some other reviews). This review is of a DIY Fabric Label Tutorial that I purchased from The June Bride. NOTE: You will not get the tutorial here from me! You'll have to go purchase your own from Karen.

This tutorial is everything Karen says it is. Make sure that you carefully read her description, where she mentions that an inkjet printer is needed. I skipped reading that part. I have an old one, and it wasn't hooked up to any computers, and hadn't been for awhile. I managed to install it on my new computer with Windows 7, and it still works! Yay! Just needed new ink. It's possible that the old ink had simply dried up.

But I digress. If you need fabric labels, and don't want to order commercial ones, this is your answer. She gives you options for 3 different styles, and says that it takes her 15 to 20 minutes to crank them out. It took me longer, but then I had some technical printer difficulties unrelated to the tutorial.

My labels, soon to be in fabulous clutches

 As you can see, I haven't cut my labels yet, but I chose the long folded style. Just need to replace the blade in my rotary cutter, and I'm good to go! No more waiting for labels in the mail! I give this tutorial an A+!

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