Friday, January 1, 2010

Those Pesky Resolutions

Can you believe another year is over and a new one is beginning?! Have you made any resolutions? I don't usually put too much stock in my resolutions, but I also can't seem to not make any. What am I hoping to accomplish this year? Let's see ...

* I resolve to lose 13 pounds by the end of March. (I know. Not very original.)
* I resolve to put my Etsy shops on the front burner, and work more diligently to make them successful.
* I resolve to be relaxed about Laura's wedding plans (this could be hard).
* I resolve to increase my garment sewing (that won't be hard since I haven't made any garments other than Halloween costumes in YEARS).

That seems like enough. I have a few other thoughts about what I'd like to accomplish, but I'll just let those unfold as the days go by. As for that 4th resolution, I've got my first project ready to go.

The picture is kind of blurry (sorry 'bout that), but I think you can tell that it's a simple straight skirt. I was going to make a muslin, just for, but I never have before, and I think I'll be ok with the fit for this pattern. And besides, the fabric is a cheap, um, inexpensive one I picked up at's warehouse sale a couple of years ago. There is one skill that I have never tried before that I'm going to attempt when making this skirt, but I think I'll keep y'all in suspense about that for now.

Have a great year!


  1. Hi Elle. Good luck with your resolutions. I think you will be off to a great start with that skirt pattern - I have made this one and it turned out well. I also intend to make the top that is included in this pattern. I like the fabric you have chosen.

  2. You've been pretty relaxed so far, at least what I've seen :)

  3. Hey Elle, it's so nice to meet up with another blogger from Georgia! Just signed up to follow your blog so I'll be peeking in from time to time. Thanks for visiting my blog. FAYE

  4. Thanks for popping in to my blog!
    Congrats on the upcoming wedding - having had 2 in the last 2 years, all I can say is it'll be better for everyone if you can keep that resolution to relax and take a bit of a back seat. Good luck on the garment sewing. Might the new technique have to do with invisible zippers? ;) It's a decent guess since the last time you were actively sewing garments they weren't that prevalent. (If it is, and if you need a pointer in the direction of good tutorials, let me know)



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