Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Experimental Tee -- Vogue 8670

I've called this tee that I just finished experimental because while it's kind of a muslin, it's more than a muslin. Huh? I'm not really a believer in wearable muslins, as the times I've needed to make a muslin, the finished garment would have been anything but wearable. So, this is more like an experiment in fabric use, and in practicing my new coverstitch.

A reminder of the pattern:
Originally, I had planned to make the scrunch-necked turtleneck (view C). After reading reviews, though, I got nervous. People didn't like the effect of the neck, and overall said it was too big. But still, I wanted to try it out, and toyed with the idea of playing around with the turtle collar to make it look like the picture. I had some baby blue cotton interlock though, that I also wanted to use with this pattern to make the short-sleeved tee to use as a pj top.

And that's what I decided to go with first. PJs are safe, because if the fit isn't quite right, then who really cares?! Plus, the pattern pieces are all the same, so I would be able to test the neckline. Here's the result:
I cut the straight size 14 with only one alteration. I took 3" off the length. And it is still about an inch longer than I would like. With the exception of the darts, I made the entire thing on my serger, and did the hems with my coverstitch. Practice is still needed there, but overall I'm pleased. You know. For a pj top. That doesn't actually match the pants.

It's roomy, but not huge, and I think it fits pretty well around the hips, where I usually grade out farther than the 14. I was surprised that only 4 people had reviewed this pattern, but perhaps it's the raglan sleeves. The cotton interlock is from Gorgeous Fabrics, is super soft, and comes as a complete circle of fabric, like a huge tube. I had enough left over to make a cami that won't have side seams. It will also be an experiment with foldover elastic, and I'm thinking it's doubtful I'll be modeling that! Maybe on my dress form.

I've decided to look for a different scrunch turtleneck pattern, but I've had to rearrange my sewing list! Turns out, in 2 weeks, we'll be attending a formal dinner, and I know just what I want to make. Look for the muslin (a real muslin) perhaps this weekend.


  1. Looks good. Pj's really are a great venue for experimenting.

  2. There is nothing like a good tee pattern.

  3. I had that pattern on my list but was thrown off by the reviews too! The one you did is cute, but I wanted to do the more creative looking ones, and I'm such a novice that if the experienced people can't make the slouchy necks look right I don't have a chance!

  4. Great idea to make a PJ top as a test run - it's looking good!



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