Monday, February 21, 2011

Opinions, Please

We're not going to mention any finished Unfinished Objects from last week, because there weren't any. It was a strange and crazy week, that resulted in me not being at home as much as I usually am. And this Saturday is the day I'll be wearing the vintage dress, so that's the agenda for this week. And here's where your opinion is needed.

I've done the yoke/sleeve piece with the mesh tulle, lined with silk organza. And of course you can see the seams because the fabrics are not just sheer, they are super sheer. No surprises there. But I can't decide if I want to somehow cover them up around the neckline and sleeve hem.

This picture should give you the sort of view of how it will look. On the left side (as you are looking at the picture), no trim. On the right side, 1/8" satin ribbon around the neck edge. Just as an aside, I accidently cut a huge hole in the organza on the sleeve/yoke piece on the right, so it is now a trim guinea pig. In the front, I tried gluing it on.
Doesn't look too bad in the picture, but up close, it's a no go with the glue. On the back, because the ribbon is so narrow, I just sewed a line of stitches smack down the middle.
If I go with the trim I might *gasp* sew it on by hand, but if not, I'll just stitch it. The line of stitches is hardly noticeable.

The question is trim, or no trim? I know these pictures aren't great, but what do y'all think? Please leave me a comment with your answer. No time to figure out the inside the post poll thing. You can even just say Trim or No Trim.

Thanks ever so much!


  1. I vote no trim. And cannot wait to see it.

  2. no trim. and I too, cannot wait to see it.

  3. I also vote no trim. I cut a hole in a dress with my serger, right in the front. Thank goodness it was a wild print . I just sewed it up and you can't see it!

  4. Gosh, I'm so on the fence Elle! If it were my dress, I'd likely make a narrow bias binding out of the main (is it taffeta?) fabric --- but I have an intense affection for bias bindings LOL! Sorry, no help am I?

  5. Oh, Ginny, that sounds like a great idea!!

  6. No trim. The fabric is so delicate and I think the trim detracts from that. The no trim side is more delicate.

  7. No trim. I have a sneaky suspicion a heavier trim might work but I'd be inclined to leave it without even then.

  8. No trim. But I'm kind of interested in Ginny's bias taffeta binding idea....really narrow.



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