Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Peeks at the Finished Mary Lou

I've named this dress Mary Lou after the woman who made the original skirt. She's a friend of my mom's who was (and I imagine, at 80 still is) quite the fashionista. And quite the sewist! My mom and I are still not sure how the original skirt came into our possession, but a skirt it is no more.

I'll do a full photo shoot with accessories, hair, makeup... you know, the whole works... on Saturday. The dress is finished, and tomorrow I'll make the petticoat/crinoline. Until then, here are a few of the details.

Grosgrain waist stay (to help support the skirt, and for general couture fabulousness):

Hand-picked zipper and another view of the inverted box pleats:

Original velvet trim on the skirt. No side seams, only a center back seam and lots of fullness:

You've already seen the bias trim on the yoke, lined with silk organza:

Finally, inside out, the lined bodice, French side seams and a full view of the waist stay:


  1. wow...loving Mary Lou!!! wow can't wait to see pictures with you wearing the dress



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