Friday, February 25, 2011

Mary Lou Needed a Slip

Crinolines are all the rage over at Peter's abode, and while it might seem I'm jumping on the bandwagon, this really was part of the plan. I was going to chronicle the making of said crinoline, and I took a bunch of pictures, but they really don't look like anything but a heap of tulle. It's not really a crinoline either.

And then, as I was making it, just about every step was kind of different than what I planned, and took way longer than I expected. Anyway, it's a little bit big around the waist, and I might have to safety pin it to the waist stay, and alone, looks kind of sad. Good thing there will be a dress over it. Oh, yeah, and I'm pretty sure the whole thing is highly flammable.


  1. The blue polka dots look so cute! It does look kind of sad without the dress over it, but I can't wait to see the dress on!

  2. I love the polka dots peeking out, too! Nice job.



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