Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bohemian Butterick 5046

Now, this was a fast pattern to make, just as Butterick promised... Fast & Easy!

I've broken a some home sewing rules here, the biggest of which is to not use quilting fabric to make garments. Well, at least if you're an adult. First a picture:
I bought this Andover Fabric design from Whipstitch Fabrics here in Atlanta. I originally was planning to make the dress (view B), but making it a shorter length will be more functional when it starts to get cooler. And it will get cooler. Really.

Things I like:
  • the colors and batik-y look of the fabric.
  • the 3/4 length sleeve, which you may notice that I narrowed, taking out the hippie-angled hem.
  • the bias contrast edging on the neckline and sleeve hem.
  • the great Australian timber button I purchased from my Etsy friend, Kylie, in her supply shop, Meluna Beads.
  • I'll be able to wear this over jeans or leggings (though I'm not really a leggings girl).

Things I don't like:
  •  this cotton isn't a silky feeling cotton, like apparel cotton, but has a more homespun feel. And it's kind of scratchy.
  • the sleeves could be just a skootch shorter.
  • is it too long for me? I'm kind of thinking that I might shorten it just a bit, maybe an inch, but I might just leave it as is.
  • the shoulders are just a bit wide.
  • I will always have to wear a cami, or some kind of top under it, as the V is just a bit deep and gappy which is my own fault, as I didn't do any kind of pre-fitting.
  • the too-wide shoulders lead to all those wrinkles and extra fabric around the sleeves on the back.
 So, my first fall garment, and I'm mostly happy with it, and it will get some wear. And I was pretty darn excited that I could actually zip up my jeans, albeit with the laying on the bed method. Eek! Good thing the point counting has started.

For my sister: gratuitous picture of avocado plant that I started from a seed.


  1. Lovely! I like the funky print combo.


  2. I LOVE it! I like the dress pattern but it's looks really great as a top also with the denim. I love the color on you too. For Fall I'd try a long sleeve Tee with a higher neckline and a pair of Uggs.

  3. I like it. I don't think it is too long. Sometimes I hit the quilting stash for shirt fabric too.

  4. Very cute! Tunics are all the rage. I would make that again in a lightweight suiting with pants to match. Hummmm-

  5. I like that --so much I just wrote the pattern number down so I can buy it!

  6. I love those two words: fast + easy! Your top is lovely - the print combination makes it look really special.

  7. That is really pretty. Love those fabrics together.

  8. Love the pattern, and your combination of fabrics! I agree that quilting cottons are not favorites when sewing for myself. Every now and then, there are some that feel better than others. It is the inconsistency that drives me slightly crazy!



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