Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Future Lady Grey

The Blog for Better Sewing (you know, Gertie's blog) Lady Grey Sew Along is underway! I've accomplished a few things, besides deciding to participate, and the first thing I want to share is my fabric. After deliberating on color, I settled on a medium weight almost black navy wool from Gorgeous Fabrics and a polyester charmeuse hot pink with white polka dots from Gail K's Fabrics in Atlanta. Oh, and I got my buttons at Gail K's too. I got one dressy button, and one plain flat navy blue one for the inside if you're wondering why there's only one button in the picture. I'm not 100% decided on the button, but have yet to look through my stash yet.

There you go. On my monitor, it really does look black. I'm slightly ahead of the sew along, as I've finished my muslin, at least version #1, and I'll reveal that tomorrow. I'm pretty excited though!

Oh, I almost forgot... I took the wool to my local dry cleaners to be steam pressed. And then when I got home I was reading the comments on Gertie's blog and saw the one from Ann at Gorgeous Fabrics mentioning an at home shrinking method. Arghhhh! Oh, well, next time.


  1. I jumped the gun and traced the pattern and made up my first muslin too. Found out that I need to go up a size to be able to wear sweaters comfortably.
    Did you make your muslin with the pocket? I did and found that the placement for the pocket is WAY too low so I move it up to half way the of the first notch in the side seam. Otherwise the pocket would extend past the hemline of the coat. And either I have really large hands,or the pocket is just a little too small.
    Also,the seam line of the top sleeve lines up with the seam line of the front of the jacket, and the same with the back - am I right? Guess I'm just not use to a two piece sleeve.

  2. I'm anxious to see your final creations.
    My nephew is getting married in May and his fiance is planning to use purple short dresses for her bridesmaids. They are getting married outside, too. I thought about your beautiful daughter's wedding when she told me her plans.
    We have 2 nephews getting married a week apart, actually! Fun! Nephews weddings are a lot easier and less stressful than a daughter's wedding. I'll never forget 2005 when 2 of our got married 3 months apart!

  3. Fun fabric choices. Can't wait to see the finished project!

  4. I LOVE that lining paired with that gorgeous inky coloured wool. Great choices!



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