Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fabric Shopping in Maryland

Do you have those? I sure do, and one of my favorite fabric store memories is from when I lived in Maryland and was able to shop any time I wanted at G Street Fabrics. And take classes. Of course, it wasn't on G Street anymore, but was in Rockville on Rockville Pike. And, most of the time, the fabric was out of my budget. So, yes, it was Cloth World for me. Is Cloth World even still in business?

I'm not a huge shopper, but on the recent weekend getaway, G Street was the only place that I had to shop in. Now there are 3 G Streets, too! Two in Virginia. The Centerville shop was too far. Falls Church was a possibility on Saturday, but we didn't fit it in. That left Sunday and the Rockville location. I had printed out some coupons, so that was great, and it turned out that all their apparel fabric was 25% off with some 40% off. Yay!

It wasn't on Rockville Pike anymore, but had moved about a block away, and did not have nearly the glamorous feel that it did before, but I still had some good luck shopping. I bought 3 pre-cut "skirt" lengths of suiting fabric for $6 each (actually less with the discount).

Then I found a plain gray cotton jersey that's a really nice weight. Not too light. I didn't take a picture of it, but gray is gray. The best deal is a matte jersey border print that turned out to be 40% off! I ended up getting 4 yards because it was the end of the bolt. Are you ever talked into getting that extra that you didn't really need just because that was it? I am such a sucker for that. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, and while stash builder is not really how I would describe myself, I think there are lots of possibilities for creativity with it.

Finally, I bought another button for my Lady Grey coat, and all the interfacing and other notions that I'll need, too. My one disappointment was that they were out of Burda Magazines. Silly, I know, but I can't find them anywhere in Atlanta.

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  1. some great buys. I love that border print. I always end up buying more than I need, well, usually.



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