Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What I saw...

... on my run yesterday. And, yes, the sky really was that blue!

Roland and I spent a long weekend in the Virginia-DC-Maryland area this past weekend, mostly catching up with old friends, but doing a little sightseeing. I had not been back to the area since we moved away more than 5 years ago, so it was wonderful! We did visit the new Native American Museum which opened after we had moved (wonderful cafeteria!), and I managed to squeeze in a shopping trip to G Street Fabrics. I'll show you what I bought tomorrow.

It's time to restock the pantry and fridge now, though!


  1. You got to go to G Street Fabrics! I had a subscription a long time ago. They had really nice fabric. I keep bewailing the lack of quality dressier fabrics in the stores. Maybe I should go back to a mail order service again. Your trip sounds fun. It's been years since I've been to DC too.



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