Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Lady Grey Lab Coat

Oh! That's not what we're making? Well, darn, must go back and read the instructions.

Ah, yes, it's just muslin time, and so, what did I do? First I measured across the shoulders of my current favorite coat, and chose the size based on that, and went with a 10. I realize that I don't appear to be a 10, and that none of my other measurements match up to that, but never mind, I didn't make any changes (yet) and just cut out a straight 10. (The snazzy red belt belongs to my trenchcoat.) Here's the result:
So, on first glance, the collar over my right shoulder is crumpled up. And do you see that leaf on the ground? That doesn't mean fall right now... it was 92 degrees F when I took this picture. So I'm wearing a sleeveless dress. Yep, the Lady Grey fits me great! As a blouse! Look at the back:
Hmmm, I'm leaning just a bit. See that big ol' wrinkle across the middle of my back? That will have to go.

I don't know if you can see it, but the dark line on the lapel is the seam line. I'm still on the fence about narrowing the lapels and collar just a bit, but I kind of like how the width of the collar/lapel balances out the width of the hips. Covers up my narrow shoulders in other words.

So, a few changes to be made:
  • the excess on the back.
  • the super long sleeves. What's up with the sleeve length? And is it just me, but I couldn't find in the instructions how deep the hem was on the sleeve or the coat itself. I tend to be a skimmer though.
  • I actually like the length of the coat. I think that length makes the peplum hit at a more flattering place on my body, so will make that my finished length and add the hem depth to the pattern.
  • I think I'm going to go with 1" seam allowances on the body and give myself some extra room for actual winter clothes to fit underneath. My wool is a medium weight, so I'm a little concerned about how that's all going to fit and plan to baste the seams first for fit when I hit the actual fabric.
  • add a bit of extra depth the armscyes for those winter clothes that I mentioned above. I don't plan to interline because I live in Atlanta after all, and it just doesn't get that cold. And if it happened to have a day or three where it was that cold, this is not the coat I'd be wearing.
So, what do you think? Am I delusional? I know there's some discussion on whether or not this coat works for everyone (uh, no), but I'm kind of liking it on me.


  1. I agree with your changes. The back and sleeves adjustments will look good and giving some extra seam allowance should give you some finessing wiggle. The style suits you.

  2. I think that this is looking very good indeed - once you have made your adjustments the shape is really going to suit you. Wider seam allowances will give you a bit of extra room to accomodate winter clothing but this style of coat doesn't need to be too large. You are definitely on the road to success here!

  3. Wow! I think this is a great fit. I'm really anxious to see the finished coat. Do you think you'll ever need it? Can you believe how hot it is? Tomorrow is the first day of fall and we are supposed to have a record breaking HOT day!

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