Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Basting and Knitting

The Lady Grey is slooooowwwly coming along. I've finally done some sewing on it. Hand sewing that is, and have done the permanent basting of the interfacing on the side front pieces. My fabric does not appear to be as forgiving as I had hoped. Take a look:
Should I redo it? The other piece, pictured with the basting up, is piece #2, and clearly benefitted from the practice. The picture, to be honest, looks pretty glaring, but in person, it doesn't look nearly as noticeable. It took watching the entire Princess and the Frog on netflix to baste just these 2 pieces.

Moving on. To knitting. I certainly don't need to add more crafty skills to my ability to procraftinate (a term coined by my sister). Yet a couple of weeks ago, I was in California with a group of Etsy friends (a trip that needs it's own post), and Melissa taught me to knit. Thanks, Melissa. Now, I appear to be hooked. I made a scarf:
It has a few issues, and I haven't woven in those beginning and end pieces. It has a tendency to roll and become skinnier, which isn't an altogether bad thing.
And, of course, it's always fun to see other ways to style your creations.


  1. hahahahahaha. kyle looks so amused.

  2. LOL!!! the last pic is hilarious.

  3. Procraftinate - what a terrific word, and boy, have I done my share.

    I knit sometimes too, though I haven't for a year or two. If memory serves me right to keep the sides from rolling you will need to garter stitch those one or two stitches on each end. A garter stitch is just a continual knit stitch, so you would knit those first and last two row stitches regardless if you have a knit or purl row.

    The ends can be kept from rolling by alternating purl/knit/purl/knit when you bind off.

    I think I got this advice from Sally Melville's first book The Knit Stitch.

    Your pics reminded me that I have some lovely skeins which would make a fun hat and scarf. But then I remember all the other projects of which I have procraftinated . . .

  4. Your scarf looks like some I've knitted recently. I don't know why they roll like that, but some do and some don't.
    Love the term "procraftinate". I'll be using it.



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