Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pink Faced

Oops! Life got in the way of sewing, and I ended up at the end of this past week having to take an unexpected trip up to Nashville. This means that my Lady Grey coat is not cut out, though all the pattern pieces are ready to go. That should happen Monday or Tuesday. And I did get a cute purple dress cut out, but alas, no pictures yet.

Instead I spent 3 days with my wonderful children, and yesterday we did a trail run at Warner Park, just west of Nashville. You can see that my kids come by their exercise-induced pinkness naturally! We ran a 2-1/2 mile loop, of which the first 2 miles were apparently all uphill! Well, maybe not, but it sure felt that way. And you would not be surprised to hear that we did not all stick together on the run, as Kyle announced that once he started running, there was just no stopping. Too bad, mom, if you get lost in the woods!

Here's my other "child", new son-in-law Thomas, and you can see that he fits right in with his very own pink face. It was a gorgeous fall day, and we're all invigorated, and ready to tackle all the challenges that face us. I hope you all had wonderful weekends!


  1. I ran the red trail at Warner for the first time on Monday. I had been hiking it but decided it was time to up my game a little bit.

    Glad that you enjoyed your visit to Nashville!

  2. Good for you and your family. I'm glad to get to keep up with Thomas through your blog. Please tell him hello for me. I am in touch with his Aunt Kathy and Uncle David all the time.

  3. include me in the exercise=pink face club!!



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