Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Too Ambitious, But Some Progress

Didn't quite get everything done yesterday that I hoped to. Actually, didn't even finish it today. That darn Lady Grey coat is still not cut out. My fancy dress muslin didn't get made, but the pattern has been traced. Maybe tomorrow for those two, but I have to pack for the first of my two upcoming trips. First, back to Nashville for Parent's Weekend, and then later next week, California (more on that trip later).

I did finish the purple knit DKNY (Vogue 1194), and pictures are here!
So, I didn't really make too many changes. I cut out the 14, and there was plenty of ease to avoid needing more width around the waist and hips. I did sew up 1" of the V after trying it on. Just a bit too plunging. I plan to wear it with black tights or leggings, and I think it needs to be a bit shorter. Plus, I think the front is longer than the back, but it's just going to stay that way for now. I want to wear it this weekend, and I'm out of purple thread. And time.

Biggest change was on the back, where I made a swayback alteration. That might be why the back is a bit shorter, and I should have added the inch from the back bodice onto the hem. How the back looks:

Oh, I bought one of those invisible lines bras from Soma. Looks reasonably smooth.

So, onto the fun footwear. I have this strange bruise/bunion thing happening on my right foot, and I bought these cute boots (booties?). I tried the edgy look with polka dot socks:
Looks more Wicked Witch of the East with dots instead of stripes than edgy to me.

Hot patent leather shoes from Ann Taylor? I love these shoes, and surprisingly didn't hurt that badly, but I won't be wearing them this weekend.
I think these would look good with black tights or sheer stockings, too.

Finally, the boots with the leggings tucked in:
This is how you'll see me this weekend. And notice my hands in the pockets. Some of the other reviewers on Pattern Review left the pockets off, but I really like them, and this heavier weight knit hides them pretty well.


  1. That's a cutie. Love the different looks you styled with it.

  2. Would love to see this with some swanky knee high boots too!

  3. Very nice, love it with the boots sans the polka dot socks.

  4. Cute dress, and love your shoes and boots!

  5. Oooh that's really nice - I love the colour and your styling options are fabulous!

  6. The pumps are something else with those leggings! I loved them. The dress is soft feminine and the pumps a bit edge, love the contrast.

    I too did not get done this week what I had planned. For some reason I am sewing sluggishly.
    I am hoping to be sewing speedy next week.

  7. This dress is so cute and I love the color!!! You look great and thanks for showcasing all of the shoe options. I'm working on this dress now and hope it turns out as good as yours:)



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