Sunday, June 12, 2011

Butterick 5181 Revealed

Do you love border prints? I do, and had bought a particularly lovely one last year and just needed to find the perfect pattern, and I thought that Butterick 5181 would do the trick.
The black and white polka dot version was my starting point, and I made a muslin of the bodice. Turns out that I was 100% correct in worrying about that plunging neckline only coming together below the bust at the midriff seamline. Yikes! Photos of that would definitely be NSFW!

So I added an inch to the top pieces in the front and back, did a sway back adjustment in the back, took a tuck along the neckline, and raised the point where the neckline comes together about 3 inches or so. During construction, I sewed that center seam together, and lined it almost as directed, sewing the neckline and armscyes together, and then pulling it right sides out through the shoulders. I didn't make a 2nd muslin because I was in a hurry to get it done before the vacation, and I'm not happy with the darts. I think the only way to correct the problem would be lots of ripping out of stitches, so I may just try to live with it.

One thing that I love... the inseam pockets that I added. With a full skirt, they are invisible, but, oh, so useful.

I wore this on the 8th for Kyle's birthday dinner, and I also wore it all day yesterday for a travel from the beach. I think the fabric can make it dressy, but as a comfy sundress, it also worked for the long drive home.


  1. Your dress is absolutely fantastic. I love the print and that pattern!
    Great job!

  2. Great dress! Love the fabric!

  3. So pretty Elle! Both you and your dress :D!

  4. That is a fabulous dress. Border prints are so stylish!

  5. What a beautiful use of the border print. The blue is beautiful.

  6. Perfect for the summer,lovely dress.

  7. You look sexy in that dress!



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