Monday, June 6, 2011

June 4 and 5 -- with a big change of location

I am so excited to be out of my own zip code right now I can hardly stand it! We're spending a week at the beach with the whole family which includes hubby, 2 kids + 1 son in law, plus the grandmothers (my mom and mom-in-law). And the collages continue. No surprises yet on what I'm wearing, but there will be a couple, I promise. Until then, I'll try to give you different scenery each day. For the record, this is coastal Georgia. St. Simon's Island to be exact.

June 4

This was the travel day, so comfort was the #1 consideration. Have you ever gone on a trip without some angst on the day you travel? We were going in 3 different groups... the girls' car (me, mom and daughter); boys' car #1 (hubby and SIL); boy's car #2 (son). There may have been a little yelling. But not too much. Arriving safely is just that much sweeter though, isn't it?

Shorts (pedal pushers?): Chicos from several years ago

We're up on the widow's walk on top of our rental house. So relaxing. Unlike the restaurant experience a couple of hours later. Oh well, it only gets better.

June 5

We're at the beach, people, so I did wake up in me made jammies, but the jury is still out on whether or not you'll see those babies in action. Most of the daylight hours were spent in a swimsuit that I did not make. Right now, a swimsuit is kind of on my "I never plan to make one" list, but never say never. However, we're kind of a eat breakfast and lunch at the house kind of family, and then go out for dinner. This was my outfit, post-cleanup, on the main floor porch. The spiral staircase leads from the pool area all the way to the roof, and is only a little scary.

Still thrilled with these shorts, as they're essentially a muslin. Note the adorable pocket facing fabric. Comic strip doggies. Thankfully, these shorts are also a tad on the big side, but if I keep eating like I did at the restaurant last night, they won't be big for long.

Yesterday was also my Laura and Thomas' first anniversary. They were headed for a delicious dinner on nearby Jekyll Island. Don't they look adorable?


  1. I am enjoying your me-mad-June photos, and you have a lovely family!
    I have the KwikSew shorts pattern in my queue of projects to make this summer :-)

  2. What a wonderful (me Made) summer vacay on the Georgia Coast! I would so love to be there, and for a week at that - so wonderful! Enjoy!

  3. Your holiday wardrobe is looking great. The colours are bright and fun. Can't wait to see the rest of it.

  4. Fabulous vacation outfits! I love them!!! So bright and cheery! Have a great time!!

  5. Hope you're having a wonderful time in your self-made wardrobe!
    I too, for a long time thought that I would NEVER make a swimsuit. And then - I did. It's really quite easy (well, OK, depending on the style that you choose).



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