Saturday, June 11, 2011

Covering Up on June 10

One of the things that I made for this summer beach trip was a bathing suit cover up using the free Hot Pattern download from Super easy, but it does take a lot of paper for printing. One complaint is that there are no measurements, so there is an element of guessing the size to cut out. As I recall (it was a few weeks ago), I made an 8 for the top part, and a 14 around the skirt part. One change was to redraw the underarm to "waist" to slightly more fitted. I also shortened it a bit. A bit too much it turns out.

For the fabric, I decided on a really cute French terry from

Oh, I should also tell you that this is pretty much staged because it was actually too hot, and really unnecessary. It will come in handy in other situations.

This is the look at me point at things series.

In the afternoon, we headed to Fort Frederica, and there will be pictures, but later. And all day we were scouting for transport opportunities.

Top: McCalls 5522
Skirt: Simplicity 2370 (was shorts that fit really, really bad, but I made them a skirt in an effort to salvage them)

Edit: One of my great commenters (I've never had a bad one, thank you!!) asked what do I use to make my collages. I use the awesome talents of my daughter, Laura, who uses photoshop on her Mac. Sometimes she is apparently running late. Who knows why since all she has to do is hang out at the beach with us. Really, free help these days! Anyway, her husband, Thomas did the airplane picture (he is actually a photographer and has changed all the settings on my point and shoot... I hope I can still use it when he leaves town). He also did the picture at the fort, and the close up of the ruffle and buttons that are really snaps. And it wasn't creepy at all. But Laura still made the collage. Did I mention that she's awesome?


  1. I love that cover up - perfect for a day at the beach! Well done for having the patience to print it out and work out the fit - I'm not sure I would have managed that. Although the end result looks like it was definitely worth the trouble.

  2. Thanks for answering my question about the photo collages! Your daughter does a great job with them, but she also has a lovely subject.



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