Monday, June 13, 2011

Love the Crescent Skirt!!

I finished my second crescent skirt at least a couple of weeks ago, and this was one for my daughter. I used Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Voile, the Diamond Mine Ink pattern which is a fabulous fabric to sew on. I lined it with poly blend batiste since the voile is slightly sheer. I've blogged about this skirt on numerous occasions, so what do you say we just look at it!

Finally, a little Me Made June. Yesterday was just a post vacation recovery day. We went out to lunch before Laura and Thomas headed back to Nashville, and the rest of us just hung out. Perhaps a little laundry was done. I had taken this dress to the beach, but didn't have a chance to wear it, and it's just a bit louder than my usual style. I made it last summer and yesterday was only the second time I had worn it.

Today, it's back to business as usual. That meant vacation laundry and grocery, with a side of a bridge class that I had previously signed up for. The bridge class (and me made June) meant that I was a bit more careful with what I threw on for the day. I made this top last year from a Liberty scarf that I bought at Target. The skirt is from Talbots.


  1. The skirt looks absolutely wonderful!
    Love the dress - you can't help but be happy wearing it. It's so cheery.

  2. Your daughter must be very pleased with her new skirt - it looks so fun, fresh and pretty on her, perfect for summer days!

  3. Love the floral Simplicity dress. It looks very pretty on you.

  4. Gosh Elle, I absolutely adore your black and white outfit --- so snazzy!

    Laura looks so pretty in her Crescent! I love my Crescent Skirt, it's so cute and comfy :D. Are we going to see your Crescent before June is over?



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