Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's the LAST DAY...

...of ME MADE JUNE. Am I dating myself when I say I can't believe I ate the WHOLE thing? Well, I can't believe I did it the whole month. I was seriously worried that I would not have enough individual items to make it, and were it not for the amazing Faye and her Over the Top Challenge in April, well, I would have been wearing the same knit dress many days in a row.

Can I take a moment to be a little introspective? First, I want to thank Zoe, for continuing this challenge/exercise. This was my first go around, and just like right after you give birth to the first child, the jury is still out on the second go round. And the weather here is not that different in September so the clothes won't be that different.

What did I learn?
... I do have enough items to make it through a whole month, but some proved to be far more "wearable" than others.
... I am seriously sick of pictures of me, but as the month went on, I cared less about the whole hair, makeup thing, and could take a quick 3 or 4 pictures and be satisfied.
... I need more things that "mix and match". I embrace the sewing withOUT a plan wholeheartedly, but that does sometimes result in "what the heck am I going to wear today" moments. I religiously read Already Pretty for inspiration and motivation, and still fall short on the organization and planning of my style, and that goes for RTW as well as me made.

Ok, that's enough learning for today. Today's outfit is a rerun on my shorts-into-skirt, which earns a WI of 6 because it simply is too short for my personal comfort level. The gingham top is Talbots (yeah, yeah... I shop there a lot because they have great sales) but it's kind of tight, so I have a cami underneath from Soma.
Danny and I are trying to nap... all this picture taking is exhausting!

Finally, a thumbnail roundup of the rest of the month. And my current project is ... not wearable at all. Don't worry. It's not a wadder, it's a puppy quilt to help protect a chair.


  1. Elle, I enjoyed reading about all your June outfits. I also like your idea of the "wear ability index".

  2. Well done on completing the challenge successfully!
    You looked lovely every day, so the hair and make-up was fine, imo! I don't ever wear make-up myself, except for a handful of occasions throughout the year. I feel sort of of fake when I put any on... and as for hair, well the wind took care of my hair on more occasions than once! Sometimes I would think I was having a good hair day, yay! but then in my daily photo I looked like I had a wild animal on my head, thanks to the crazy wind we had on some days... c'est la vie.

  3. Congratulations! You made it. Something I wasn't able to do. Your daily shots were lovely and you looked fine. I wouldn't worry about hair and makeup as I think most of us were checking out your me-mades rather than looking to see if you had done your hair :) lol

  4. Congratulations on sticking it out to the finish. I haven't signed on to one of these marathons, primarily because I know that snapping pictures on a daily basis just wouldn't happen around here. I do admire all those who do manage to keep this up for the entire month. And I really did enjoy the parade of outfits!

  5. A style blogger I can relate to!
    Loved the month you did.
    You have some great outfits - maybe someday I'll have enough for a week!!



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