Monday, June 27, 2011

Catching Up on Me Mades -- June 23, 24, 25, 26

June is almost over, and just thought I'd catch you up on the last 4 days. Bear with me. There's not too many days left. And there's something new.

June 23
Top: Target's 2010 Liberty collection

Photo secret... I had to dig this out of the laundry bin on Friday because I just wasn't up for picture taking on Thursday. MMJ fatigue?

June 24
Top: Vogue 8151
Shorts: Kwik Sew 3614
Mini-challenge animals: Teddy, some sort of setter mix and Danny, perhaps a corgi/shepherd mix. Both rescues.

I've worn the shorts and the top this month, but not together.

June 25
Dress: Butterick 5173

I wore this back on June 6 next to the pool of our beach house rental. Now it's the last Saturday of June, and I'm at home doing Saturday stuff. Not really the same vibe. Danny does love to be in the photo though.

June 26
Top: Land's End that I've had forever
Shorts: Kwik Sew 3614

News Flash: new shorts!! Same pattern, different pocket details. Better fit. Well, they are a little snug, but I'll work on that, more from the inside than the outside. I'm going to do a longer post on it on a future date.

I think that's enough for today. After 27 days of wearing clothing that I personally made, I've learned a few things about what I make for myself, for better and for worse.


  1. You're a real trooper to keep up the MMJ - with pictures, no less! I do like that dress!

  2. Elle, you're such an incredibly stylish gal! I'm a sloppy dresser about the house and need to begin emulating you :D. I absolutely adore the pink Maggy London dress, I may "need" to pick up that pattern :D

  3. Looking good! Can I say that I LOVE the dress for June 25th?!? Very pretty. (Cute pups too!)



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