Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Wearability Index

This is the first time I've participated in any of the "Me Made" or "Self Stitched" challenges, primarily because I've only just started making clothes for myself again last year. The key word there is "again" since I've been sewing since I was 12, it just hasn't been for myself lately. That is, until last year.

As this challenge runs down to the final days, it's got me thinking about the things I've made, and how often I wear, or even consider wearing, specific garments. Just like shopping for RTW, it seems like everyone has those "what was I thinking" things that appear, myself included. But I've decided now to assign a "Wearability Index" to the things I've made, and include that index number in future reviews and posts.

My Wearability Index (WI) will be based on a scale of 1-10. Wadders, by definition, don't get a number because they will NEVER be worn. A 1 might get worn once, but that's enough to see you hate it. 2's and 3's would get more than one chance, but their destined for the giveaway bag sooner rather than later. A 10 is the perfect garment or accessory.

I'll show you how it works with yesterday's and today's outfits.

June 27
Yesterday I wore a top that has not yet made an appearance this month, and on paper it seems like it should be popular. Ivory knit twist front top. Great basic solid color, in a not so basic tee. The skirt I've worn at least once (maybe twice... I haven't gone back to check), and is the crescent skirt I made.
Top: Butterick 4789 WI* 4
Skirt: Sewaholic Crescent WI 8

Why the 4? It really is too tight in some places, and then under the twist it has kind of a weird poof that is annoying to me, if not particularly noticeable in the picture. Plus, it's just a bit too low cut to be completely comfortable on its own, so I need to wear a tank under it. I'm not quite ready to dump it, but it has been warned!

The skirt gets an 8, because, at least right now, it's a little bit tight. Not entirely it's fault, I know, but that does make it not quite perfect. This index can be fluid, and the crescent's stock will rise if my weight *ahem* falls.

June 28
Today, I'm wearing a dress that is making its 3rd(!) appearance this month.
Dress: Vogue 8575 WI 9.5

Yes, you read that right! This dress gets a 9.5. It would really be a 10, but the armholes are just a bit large. Picky, I know, but if I had to change anything that would be it. Out of all the things I've made, I have probably worn this dress the most. I think I need to make the version with sleeves for the fall. Hey, I noticed Gorgeous Fabrics is having a sale...


  1. WI - excellent idea!
    I might have to give that a try with all my clothes - it's too easy to keep reaching for the same things the whole time.
    My greatest fault is putting things away for "an occasion" and then - um- growing out of them...! Most of those should have been worn until they fell apart because they looked so good on me.

  2. All of your me made items have been very pretty, and you did a great job styling them.



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