Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kyle! A Semi-Me Made Project!

Happy birthday to my baby boy, Kyle! He's not so baby any more though, as we're celebrating his much anticipated 21st birthday. Should be fairly tame tonight, what with dinner with mom, dad, 2 grandmothers, his sister and brother-in-law all in tow. We are on vacation though, and at a beach where we've spotted several suitable after dinner establishments. Laura and Thomas will be taking him out for those activities. Tomorrow he plans to head west to Auburn, Alabama where he'll hang out with some high school buddies for the weekend, and possibly what happens in Auburn will stay in Auburn.

Champagne for lunch, what could be better?

While I had some help with the above "me made" project, lol, I am wearing a never before seen on this blog dress tonight, and tomorrow I'll be back to the regular programming. Oh yeah, there will be some commentary on yesterday's outfit, not yet posted as well, and it's not all good.



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