Friday, June 3, 2011

June 2 and June 3

I didn't forget about MMJ yesterday, but just ran out of time and the inclination to write a blog post. So, let's start with yesterday...

June 2

Still getting ready for the trip, so I got a haircut, went out to lunch, and then sewed like a madwoman trying to finish a dress to wear that evening. I got as far as needing a hem, and totally just stopped. But I did end up wearing two me-made outfits yesterday. Dress #1 is also known as the Diner Dress. The color, pockets and style just scream "diner". All I need is an order pad, some chewing gum, and I'm ready to say "whatcha want, Hon'." Don't get me wrong, I really like it, but I wish it were a different color. Maybe I'll make another one.

Shoes: Born (from last year)
Puppy: Grandpuppy Ella

Second event of the day was sadly, a celebration of life for a 20 year old girl who took her own life. Bipolar illness can be fatal, something you don't always realize. An intensely sad evening, that was also blazingly hot. I wore this latest outfit:

June 3

Putting the sadness of yesterday aside, today was all about laundry. Mountains of it. I hit the gym early, then the laundry and getting ready to leave tomorrow. Taking the dogs to the kennel was a midday task. And, if I'm going to succeed at MMJ, then today I had to wear something that I wasn't going to pack (and wasn't already in the laundry pile, obviously). Kinda bummed that I missed the mini-challenge of twirling pictures, but have no fear... I'll just have to twirl tomorrow. Besides, this outfit was completely untwirlable.
Khaki Capris: RTW

Tomorrow, we hit the road, so there will be a change of scenery, and even at least a couple of things you haven't seen before.

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  1. The Colette dress looks fabulous on you. Love the color, too. And the puppy has such a sweet little tummy!



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