Thursday, June 16, 2011

Me Made June Continues

The vacation is over, but me made June continues, and so far, so good. Three more days have passed, and on each of those days I wore one thing that I made. But for you, loyal readers, they are all repeats. Still, in the spirit of the challenge, I've got pictures, and little stories. You know, cuz you're all dying to know everything about my life. Here we go...

June 14
Bridge lessons continued today, and then we (me, my mom and Roland) hopped in the car and headed north. You see, Laura and Thomas are moving from Nashville to Alexandria, VA, and Tuesday was Day 1 of the Big Move. They planned to do the drive in 2 days, but in an effort to save money, the first night (Tues.) was going to be spent in Madisonville, TN at Thomas' dad's house. We joined them up there for steaks on the grill, and a send off party of sorts.

What I wore... a graphic tee from Target and the denim "was shorts, but now it's a skirt" skirt:
Sorry about the 2D pic, but I forgot to get one of the outfit actually on me.

June 15
Yesterday was driving home, and then a doctor's appointment, so comfort was the name of the game. Also, I wanted something I could pack in a very small bag that wouldn't wrinkle. Enter the green and black graphic knit dress. You'll recognize it, I think. For picture interest, it's a location shot... a fine dining establishment in Madisonville. Best.biscuits.ever!

Me and Mom at the Lamp Post

June 16
Bringing us up to date. Errands + bridge + more errands = need a comfortable outfit.
The mod pink top, plus Ann Taylor capris. Couldn't find my shoes for the photo shoot.

Tomorrow, I hope to at least cut out something new. There has been NO sewing this week. I'm ready for new. How about you? Tomorrow will also be the revealing of the Vintage Simplicity Dress I made for Laura.


  1. Good for you to keep up your pledge for the month, despite your hectic schedule. And you even find time to take pictures! You're amazing.

  2. Wow, you've been busy! I like all of the outfits but esp. the print top at the end. I have a weakness for bold prints. :-)

  3. I think it's fantastic that you are repeating your clothes. It really means that you love what you make and wear them. And as always, great locations for your photos.

  4. There isn't any rule against repeats I think. It makes sense that if you sew it, you will wear it a lot. I am so impressed by how well you are keeping up with MMJ.



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