Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vogue 8536 and the Next to Last Day

Can you believe that June is almost over? Some of the other blogs I've been reading are indicating that everyone is sick of taking pictures of themselves. Me, too!! Just to keep it all in June, tomorrow I want to recap the whole month. Feel free to skip reading, but I want to see how it all worked out. I mean, really? Did I actually wear something I made

Enough of that. Yesterday I finished a new tee shirt that I am in love with. Vogue 8536 is one of Vogue's "basic designs" and it's wonderful. I made view E, except with short sleeves. Hey, it's hot here! And because it's hot, while I love the crossover look, but I didn't like that the front piece is basically doubled. Um, no.

Since you cut the front piece out with doubled fabric, but basically flat. So the plan was to have the right shoulder + side for the entire front, and then I traced the left shoulder, and cut it on a new "seamline" just below the crossover.

Then I hand basted, so that I could completely control the stretch, but left the center front free so that I could top stitch from the left and then around the neckline, where the top stitching on the right connected the 2 pieces.
  For the topstitching, I used a shiny teal thread and used what is called the "running stitch" on my machine. I made the stitch longer and narrower and it mimics the wave on the print.
Hmmm? Can you see it? Click on the picture and I think that makes it bigger.

So. I wore it today. With some new denim pedal pushers from the recent Talbots sale, and wedge espadrilles (also from Talbots).

This gets a Wearability Index of 10!! I was going to give it a 9, just on principle, but when the cheese girl at Whole Foods said she loved it, well, that bumped it up. Hey! What can I say? I love compliments!


  1. Well, no wonder the cheese girl paid you a compliment. I would have too! The top is lovely. I really like how the pattern is matched - nice touch. By the way, LOVE those shoes...

  2. Very cute summer top, love the fabric and the way you made the pattern work for you! I didn't do the MeMadeJune, but I have enjoyed reading everyone else's posts :-)
    Maybe next year? LOL

  3. Love the top - clever way to eliminate the double layer of fabric on the front - I may try that too.

  4. This is a very lovely summer top!
    Re your comment, well if you live in a hot climate, then my comment about the cold was not directed at your summer outfits at all. It was more me marvelling that people can function so well in the climate of PA and the Yukon, climates that I am not accustomed to. I was just trying to make a light-hearted joke, so I'm sorry if you took offence. :)

  5. Your top is lovely! Definately a WI of 10!

  6. Your top looks great! Great idea to get rid of the doubled up fabric. I also love your wearability index! Great idea! :)

  7. The cheese girl at Whole Foods clearly has excellent taste - your top is lovely, great style and the colours are delicious!



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